Julian Reed

Our collections are designed for the modern man influenced by the Scandinavian  Living. Our fabrics are selected from the finest mills in Italy and our leather qualities are hand selected from the best vendors in Istanbul.

Julian Reed is a contemporary brand with focus on details and materials, quality and finish, with updated relevance to modern attire. Garments are created with a keen awareness of traditional craftsmanship mixed with youthful confidence to break rules by adding contrast details and surprise elements.

We believe our products should be timeless and the quality should be the finest there is. Handcrafted Scandinavian design that can outlast any brisk trend.

We take our pride in working with premium materials selected from the recognized  mills and produced by first class suppliers.

Premium fit & quality – Since 2013

Company & Concept

Julian Reed was founded by Hugo and Nicole Reed in the year 2013  inspired by their newborn son Julian. Fashion mogul Ola Mæle joined the company in 2015.

With high ambitions to create a modern and new global fashion brand, locationwise Julian Reed will be targeting only the finest selected retail stores, special event Julian Reed-pop up stores, and major flagship stores in global cities.

Italian fabrics and craftmanship – premium quality since day one with special focus on high quality material, clean and soft constructions, as  well as great attention to details and modern scandinavian design.

Julian Reed is a brand re-defining the global premium segment in the  menswear market.

The strength lies in our formula, including selected collaborations with niche designers, creative talents and the highly influential art scene.A very talented team, straight to the point and still personal. Combinding craftmanship with modern scandinavian design, fast and effective.

The future of Julian Reed is strong in revenue growth and a loyal customer base with exquisite taste.

Julian Reed is what you crave for and people next to you long for.

The Julian Reed collections are timeless and exceptional – wearing
Julian Reed is all about character, understatement and modern  elegance.

Premium fit & quality – Since 2013